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Life-saving Diagnostics at Record Speeds

Our team is developing a revolutionary internal hemorrhage diagnostic tool

What is Internal Hemorrhage?

Hemorrhaging is the result of blood vessel damage from a traumatic event that causes external or internal bleeding. Internal bleeding, also known as internal hemorrhaging, is invisible to the naked eye. This poses great challenges for diagnosis.  

Up to 90% of preventable military deaths are caused by

With our rapid diagnostics tool, internal hemorrhage could have been identified earlier, allowing these soldiers to receive the necessary life-saving medical care.

Our Device

Our mission, at its core, is to save lives by lowering the training barrier for internal hemorrhage diagnosis. With our device, life-saving diagnostic results can be obtained and read by anyone, anywhere.

2. Blood Sample

The user samples blood from behind a potentially hemorrhaging patient’s ear. This is done using our proprietary blood drawing mechanism. 

3. Diagnosis

After about 5 minutes, the user will be able to read the test device to determine whether the patient has internal bleeding or not. One line on the device read means no hemorrhage; two lines mean that bleeding is present. 

4. Evacuation

If the soldier is internally hemorrhaging, they will be medevacked to the nearest hospital for immediate surgical treatment. 


1. Trauma Incident

Internal hemorrhage is most commonly caused by blunt force trauma. This trauma causes blood vessels to burst open and allow blood to pool within the surrounding tissues. 

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Who Are We?

We are a team of biomedical engineering students from Johns Hopkins University, Cornell, & MIT/Harvard. 

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